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Enterra's Greatest Warrior

I added more to this set, since they are coming to an end. 

But I’m always taking character requests!


Anonymous sent:
Hey Mushra, what would you do if Yakumo was magically turned younger than you, and became a pile of blush whenever you came near her?


"Huh… That sounds pretty nice," the teen mused, daydreaming about it some, a dazed look crossing his face. Yakumo being younger than him and having a crush on him… Ah, she would be so cute!! 

"Then I’d spend a lot of time near her, or I’d try to anyway! Hahaha! That would be great, I think!!" 

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This one’s cuter than the others



"Nobody has the same heart of Yakumo, if I could feel it.."

Daily set update, because I adore this


(Source: yiuokami.deviantart.com)

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Because I need something to uplift my spirits


More text posts because I love these



(For Mushra’s canon birthday, I finally attribute art! 

I recommend clicking the image to see it in it’s better quality.)

I’m so going to Shinzo hell